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Take A Number System White Tickets-2 Digits

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2-Digit Take A Number System White Tickets is our most popular tickets. 

Turn-O-Matic® Take A Number System  2 Digits White Tickets

The Turn-O-Matic 2-digit roll of white T80 tickets are for use in the TAN2 Ticket Dispensers.

Each roll contains 3,000 tickets that counts from A00-A99, then starts over from B00-B99 and continues to the letter J.

1.5" W x 5.375" diameter

15 rolls per case

45,000 Tickets Per Case

These tickets are precut, which provides easy loading and dispensing.

Made in the U.S.A.

Works with the dispenser shown.

Other colors available- just give us a call 215-235-1119.