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Sidewalk Wind Snap Frame Sign Holder -24" W x 36" H

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The Sidewalk Wind Sign is an attention-getting sign stand that's perfect for indoor/outdoor use. 

Sidewalk Wind Sign Holder-Snap Frame

It features a double-sided snap frame that's attached to a weighted base by heavy-duty springs.

The base can be filled with water to give it added weight. Please add salt in climates where the water may freeze to avoid overexpansion.

The snap frame snaps open in front, making sign changes fast and easy. Just snap the frames open, insert your signs, and snap the frames closed again.

The base of the sidewalk sign has wheels, making it highly portable. It features two PVC covers to protect your signs from dirt, damage and the elements.

The snap frames and bracket are powder-coated black for a durable, stylish finish. 

Assembly is quick and easy: just bolt the base onto the frame.

Ideal for use with temporary promotions or for signage that needs to move on a regular basis.

Suitable for indoor-outdoor use.

The poster frame is affixed to the base with (2) large springs, so it doesn't blow over in windy conditions. 

24" W x 36" H

    With our manufacturing capabilities -we can be custom design and print for signs for this holder to meet your needs. Just give us a call at 215-235-1119

    Your graphics will be visible to everyone you want to reach!

    SKU: SWSH2436