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Hanging Sign Rail Sign Pockets-11x17- 10 pieces

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Sign changes just got a lot easier with our Poster/Sign Rail hangers.

Hanging Sign Rail Sign Pockets

Sign changes just got a lot easier with our Poster/Sign Rail hanger pockets.

The Poster Pockets have a bend at the top that slots into the Poster Rail Hook's groove, making sign changes fast and easy. 

The Clear Poster/Sign Pocket is a specially designed clear sign hanger for hanging on the Poster Rail Hook. SKU:VK302 sold separately

Made from scratch resistant PVC plastic, the clear poster pocket has a curved lip at the top of the pocket which hooks into the groove on the Poster Rail Hook.

Sign changes are fast and easy.

Just unhook the pocket from the groove on the Poster Rail Hook, slide your new sign into the pocket, and hook it back onto the rail.

No tools are needed.

The PVC pocket helps to protect your signs from dust, dirt and damage.

Multiple pockets can be hung on a rail, depending on the length of the rail and the poster pocket.

Just hook and unhook the Poster Pocket directly onto the rail.

10 pieces

  • Material: Rigid PVC
  • Material thickness: 0.020"
  • Color: non-glare
  • Poster Size: 11" x 17"
  • Orientation: Portrait

    Other sizes, smaller or large quantities are available, contact us with questions 215-235-1119

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    SKU: VK3021P