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Countertop Block Acrylic Sign Holders-5 pieces

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This Countertop Acrylic sign holder is perfect for displaying signs in retail stores and restaurants. 

Countertop Block Acrylic Sign Holders 

The small 3” x 3” card holder is perfect when you want to present product information without being intrusive about it. Perfect for use on a shelf, or a countertop, even in a showcase!

The crystal-clear acrylic block is weighted enough to stand freely or lay down flat depending on your presentation style. Each shelf talker is approximately ¾” thick.

There is a small opening for a 3” x 3” card to slide into. Designed to hold signs & graphics that are on poster board or card stock.

3"H x 3"W x 3/4"D

10 pieces per box

Buy more $ave more -call for details.