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#4 Wired Manila Tags-1000 tags

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These #4 wired Manila tags are perfect for any business needing to save money on labor costs. Pre-wired to save valuable time & easy to use for those products which are hard to label. 

These wired tags have so many uses. For retail stores and supermarkets, they are used on hard to price label products. Saves money on labor cost.

 #4 Wired Manila Tags

These wired tags have so many uses price labeling, shipping, identification and storage tags.  Multi-purpose tags for items that cannot be labeled.

For retail stores can be used on hard to price label products. Such as rugs.

For supermarkets, food and seafood stores these wire tags are a great way to add pricing to such as Turkeys & Crab Legs.

Wired tags can also be used as shipping tags.

2.125"W x 4.25"H

Saves money on labor cost.

Easy to use.

Pre-wired with heavy gauge wire.

Reinforced-tear resistant eyelet.

Heavy Duty Manila Tag.

1000 per box