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WindMaster®FP Dual Spring Sidewalk Sign Base

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This WindMaster FP Dual Spring Sidewalk sign base is easy to relocate.  Eye-catching for retail, grocery, drug, hardware stores and universities.

WindMaster FP Dual Spring Sign Base

WindMaster Curb Sign, Model 5005, consists of a spring base with extended uprights and legs.

It is designed to accommodate a 10mm fluted polypropylene panel (available at your local sign shop) that can range from 28" to 44" wide by 42" to 64" high. 

Flutes in the panel slide onto the extended uprights on springs and lock in place. The fluted polypropylene panel could be cut-to-shape for unique, dimensional signage. 

Patented leg bracket allows legs to simply snap into place for tool-free assembly. 

Easily transportable, economical, attractive, and durable.

Made in U.S.A

Model Number: 5005
Material: Aluminum and Steel
Finishes: Black
Usage: Outdoors
Insert: 10mm Fluted Polypropylene (not included)
Insert weight (max.): 10 lb. total
Insert size (max.): 48" W x 64" H
Insert size (min.): 28” W x 42” H
Leg Length: 22.75” each, 45.75” overall
Height of Spring Extension: 40"
Height from Base to Top of Spring Extension: 47.45"

Need graphics or signs for this holder- we can help. Call for details.

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