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White Spiral Pricing Pads Sets for Small Spiral Sign Boards

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Spiral Pads Sets for small Spiral Sign Boards-just flip away to change the price or pack.

White Spiral Pricing Pads Sets for Small Spiral Sign Boards

White background with black numbers and letters.

Flip pages to change prices

Set Contains:

  • 3 pads- 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,$  
  • 1 pad-.01,.02,.03,.04,.05,.06.07,.08,.09
  • 2 pads % off, from, for, reg, $, lb., kg, cent, bag


5 1/2" H 

Fits into our Small Spiral Sign Boards. 

These spiral bound flip price & message pads are economical for advertising retail promotions in grocery, pet, liquor, wine & spirit stores.