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WindMaster® Sidewalk Curb Sign- Model 4205-Black

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WindMaster Signs are wind resistant, double-sided outdoor sidewalk signs and can be used as pavement signs, sidewalk signs, outdoor signs, entrance signs, sandwich board signs and will deliver your message. Use Indoors or Outdoors. No tools needed to assemble.

WindMaster® Sidewalk Curb Sign

WindMaster sidewalk sign holder combines the convenience of easy poster changes with superior construction and wind resistance.

Double sided sign with frame rails that snap open for easy sign placement.

Front load.

Two Built in wheels- making it easy to relocate.

Spring flex to keep signs standing in strong wind gusts.

Model 4205. 

Base can be weighted with water or sand for added stability.

Material: Aluminum Frame, White Fluted Polypropylene Back
Polyethylene Base
Finishes: Black 
Molded Polyethylene Base Aluminum frame rails & gray plastic base.
Usage: Outdoors
Rail Width: 1.75”
Corner: Mitered 
Insert Size: 28” x 44”
Visual Area: 26.06” x 42.06” 
Bleed: 1.28” x 1.28” 
Overall Size: 29.56” x 45.56” 
Overall Height: 54.25"
Insert Thickness (max): .030”
Base Dimensions: 25” W x 6.2”H x 27” D
Base Fill Capacity: 9.45 Gal
Base Weight When Filled with Water: 79 Lbs.

Will ship in 2 boxes

Made in the USA.

Ask about our custom design and sign printing services for these sidewalk sign holders. For larger quantities, call for better shipping rates. 215-235-1119.