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Sidewalk Sign 4" Replacement Letter Kit

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Missing letter and number from your Sidewalk sign? Order this Replacement Letter sign kit.

Sidewalk Sign 4" Letter Kit

Create your own signs.

Sidewalk sign letter kit - great fro replacing missing letters and numbers for your sidewalk sign.

Set of 314- 3.675H black characters are screen printed with UV inks on a 4.375H white styrene plastic panel.

Spell out any message with a dictionary of letters that slide in grooved tracking.

Black letters & Red Numbers on white styrene

Includes an assorted variety of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Set provides more of the vowels and primary consonants than the lesser used alphabet.

The 314 piece kit contains 18ea- E, 15ea- A, 12ea- I S, 11ea- period, 9ea- L N O P R T Z, 8ea- star, 6ea- B C D F G H J K M U V W Y 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 arrow, 5ea- dash, 4ea- dollar, 3ea- Q X bullet colon, 2ea- ampersand percent cent comma euro. 

Can be used with:

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