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Pallet Sign Holder & Sign Frame Set-Adjustable

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This Pallet Sign Holder is a convenient way to sign floor displays or for pallets.

Pallet Sign Holder & Sign Frame Set-Adjustable

Pallet sign holders work great for displaying signs above merchandise on pallets in retail, warehouse merchandising, bulk merchandising and organizing applications.

Hang your sign or label over the top of pallet from the hooks attached to the pallet sign holder arm.

In addition, this sign holder helps to keep your store or warehouse aisles clean and safe from objects customers and employees may walk into.

Arm is reversible.

This pallet sign holder is adjustable to three heights between 44"-72". and comes with a 11" x 14" sign frame.

Includes Sign Frame: 14"w x 11"h

Color: Black

Adjustable Height: 44"h -72"h

Adjustable Sign hook placement: 9" or 11.25" apart