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Pallet Sign Holders

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This Pallet Sign Holder is a convenient way to sign floor displays or for pallets.

Pallet Sign Holders

Pallet Sign Holders are a great looking and effective solution for pallet and bulk merchandising in retail and material handling/warehouse scenarios.

The pallet sign holder works great for displaying merchandising signage for wine displays, floral departments, tables, and material handling applications.

The Pallet Sign Holder provides an excellent advertising opportunity when goods are displayed directly on pallets.

Its metal base clamps inside standard pallets and connects to a black ABS plastic frame. Your single or double-sided sign slides into a slot in the 8.5" x 11" frame, which can be displayed in horizontal or vertical orientation and is virtually shatterproof.

The pallet can be moved without having to remove or reattach the sign stand.

5 sets


  • 3-piece unit
  • Sign frame 8.5" x 11"
  • Can display signage horizontal or vertical