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Open & Closed Sliding Door Sign-Coffee Beans

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The sliding door sign comes with a preprinted coffee beans graphic, making it perfect for retail stores, restaurants, delis, grocery stores, convenience stores and more.

Open & Closed Sliding Door Sign

The Sliding Door Sign is an eye-catching display that lets your customers know if your business is open or closed.

It allows for effortless switching between "Open" and "Closed" positions with a simple slide of the panel. A printed Coffee Beans graphic covers either the Closed or the Open part of the sign, leaving the appropriate status showing. 

There are arrows on the back of the door slider sign to let you know which direction is Open and which is Closed. Two suction cups attach the sign slider to your door or store window. The base and the sliding portion of the door slider are printed on durable plastic that can be easily wiped clean.

The coffee beans pre-printed graphics makes the door slider perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, convenience stores and gas stations and more. Or we can print your own custom logo or graphic on the slider- call us to review 215-235-1119.


11.75" W x 3"H

Graphic: Coffee Beans

Suction cups are included.