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Merchandising Strips Clip Hanger for Cooler Doors-50 pieces

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Merchandising Strips Clip Hanger allow you to create additional selling opportunities. Great for cross-merchandising helping to increase sales.

Merchandising Strips Clip Hanger for Cooler Doors

Securely hang merchandising strips from most cooler or freezer doors. Provides an opportunity to cross-merchandise other items.

Secured with integrated, high bond adhesive tape on the underside. Simply peel off the adhesive liner and stick to the top of any clean, smooth door surface. Integrated, small rubber pad helps prevent against scratching of glass.

Great for cross-merchandising helping to increase sales. Use to hang complementary packaged products such as candles, toppings and utensils.

The Merchandising Strips Clip attaches to standard cooler and freezer door frames and secures with adhesive foam tape. Tape is high tack, acrylic based adhesive that reaches maximum strength within 24 hours.

4 " long

50 per pack

Includes hanger tab and hole to hang strips or hooks.

Hanger extends 2 1/4" from cooler door.

Steel with chrome finish.