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Lunch Specials Sign & Sidewalk Swing Sign Holder Set

Original price $88.50 - Original price $172.50
Original price
$88.50 - $172.50
Current price $88.50

Lunch Specials Sign & Sidewalk Swing Sign Holder Set 

This sidewalk sign commands attention with its gently swinging motion.

Our outdoor Swing sign frame kit comes complete with a 20" x 30" Lunch Specials Sign

The Lunch Specials sign is on an economical .08 polystyrene rigid plastic.

The heavy duty frame base comes with wheels, making it easy to move around.

Base can be filled with sand or water for added stability.

Water bases weight 30 lbs. when filled with water. Add salt to water for use in sub freezing temperatures. Indoor or outdoor use.

Swing signs are easily moved just tilt and go.

Let the wheels do the work. 

Available as

  • sign only,
  • sign holder with one sided sign set, or
  • sign holder with 2 sided sign set.