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Gondola Adhesive Base Front Fence- Product Stop-46.5"L

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Gondola Adhesive Base Front Fence- Product Stop

Product merchandise is easily viewable through fencing for added promotional boost to your products. 

Compatible with gondola shelving systems, our fence guard/product stop adapts to various retail environments.

Fence guard/Product stops prevents a popular shoplifting method called "shelf sweeps" making it harder to steal and reducing costs associated.

Whether you operate a convenience store, supermarket, or any other retail establishment, this versatile accessory is a must-have addition to your gondola shelving.

Keeps merchandise secure on gondola shelving with see through product stop featuring adhesive base that allows for easy and secure install without additional hardware.

46.5"L x 1.5"H

Adhesive base - 3/4" Tape

Clear PVC .03 mm

10 pieces