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Floor Windo Sign Holder 24"x36"

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Our Floor Windo provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customer at your high-traffic points of purchase.

Floor Window Sign Holder

The FloorWindo is an ultra-thin poster display that lies flat on the floor to clearly display your promotion without compromising the surface area.

Unlike messy stickers, you can reuse and re-position the FloorWindo and update the graphics in just seconds.

It can be changed by simply lifting the cover and sliding your new sign in.

FloorWindo has a scratch-resistant window and an anti-slip bottom that does not require any messy adhesives.

It is ideal for most retail and business environments, including stores, banks and restaurants.

Holds posters or signs that are 24"x33" -not included.

Screen Gems Inc. can manufacture the poster to meet your requirements. Just give us a call to discuss- 215-235-1119.

Please allow 4 week for delivery