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Sale 40% Off Floor Stand Stanchion Sign-Poster

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Floor Stand - Stanchion Signs are an inexpensive advertising tool for retail stores. This Sale 40% Off poster can be used on windows, walls, or as a hanging sign.

Sale 40% Off Floor Stand Stanchion Sign

Floor Stand -Stanchion Signs help reduce your inventory fast.

Great for all retail operations: Wine, Spirit, Hardware, Drug, Beauty,Mattress, Furniture and Clothing stores.

This Sale 40% Off poster can also be used as window, wall, or hanging signs.

Fits into any of our floor stand stanchion sign holders. SKU:123

1 sided

22"W x 28"H

Card stock.

Store the sign properly & it can be used over & over again.

Can be custom designed- call for details: 215-235-1119

Floor stand sign holder sold separately. Use these retail signs with one of our many floor stand sign holders. SKU: 123, SKU: FSDR