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Edikio Access Price Tag Solution Printer Set: Edikio Access Printer, Edikio Software Lite Edition, 100 Matte Black PVC Cards, White Ribbon

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$24.50 - $896.75
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The most affordable all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on single sided plastic cards. 

Edikio Access Price Tag Solution: Edikio Access Printer, Edikio Software Lite Edition, 100 Matte Black PVC Cards, White Ribbon

Say goodbye to handwritten tags and stop wasting time printing onto paper and then laminating it. Print your own tags at your store in about 15 seconds, on demand. The PVC tags are hygienic and easy to clean.

Price tags to make your labeling consistent and give your displays/racks a professional look. Design your own tags to feature your brand logo, product type, ingredients, price, information, etc.

The credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your products on your displays stands. 

The tags can be easily customized to show all mandatory information as well as the details customers want about allergens, the origin of the ingredients and any other requirements that should be available for the consumers' information.

The Edikio Price Tag Access solution is made up of:

  • A tag printer-Edikio Access Printer (Single-Sided, USB)
  • Software for creating and printing price tags-Edikio Software Lite Edition
  • Printing ribbon and PVC cards dedicated for use in the food industry-1 White Ribbon (500 Prints)
  • Single-sided credit card size signage for businesses using 100 or less labels on the shelf, requiring one to two updates a year.  
  • 100 CR-80 Black Cards (PVC, Matte)
  • All-In-One installation
  • Tag holder footprint
  • Import data from MS Excel + Graphical wizard
  • 1 year warranty

Compact size

Exclusive "CHALK" Font

Dedicated Software for Price Tags

USB Connection

Library of tag templates 

Edikio Price Tag is not limited to the printing of price tags! Maximize your investment by issuing all the badges and cards for your business: regional signage, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, employee badges and tasting invitations.

Order extra consumables:

  • Black Matte PVC Cards- 500 pieces -2 1/8"H X 3 3/8"W
  • Black Gloss PVC Cards-500 pieces- 2 1/8"H x 3 3/8"W
  • Edikio Printing Ribbon White 500 Print/Roll