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Shelf Dividers Kit-4.75" H

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Shelf dividers are a popular tool for organization on retail displays providing exact separation from different products on shelves at supermarkets, drug chains and dollar stores and other merchant locations.

Shelf Dividers Kit

This Shelf Divider Kit is a great way to organize your shelf space.

Each kits contains ten 24” x 4.75” shelf dividers and ten 12" long adhesive rails.

The clear adhesive rails attach to the front and the back of the shelf, while the polycarbonate dividers snap onto the front rail and notch onto the back rail using the precut slots in the dividers.

The dividers have vertical grooves in them that correspond to standard shelf depths. Simply snap off the appropriate section of the divider to fit the depth of the shelf.

Height of dividers:  4.75"  (some pictures show the 2.362" H version)