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Aisle Markers Aisle Directory Plastic Sign & Magnetic Holder Set-11 x 14

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This aisle marker sign & magnetic sign holder is great for metal shelving units since it attaches with a magnet. Ideal for warehouse, warehouse style stores, and others. Call us for your custom printed plastic insert.

Aisle Markers Aisle Directory Plastic Sign & Magnetic Holder-Custom Printed

This sign holder system contains the frame, the magnetic holders and the custom printed sign inserts.

Easy to use.  All you have to do is insert your custom printed sign & hang.

Combo Frame -clip can be used to identify aisle contents in your warehouse or store by securing to metallic surface.

Provide clear direction where your aisles are for your customers, or for employees in the warehouse.


Black -Portrait orientation 

Rod length: 9.84"

Configuration: 2 magnets, 2 elastic elements


Printed 2 sides - 11 x 14 - one color of your choosing.

Please call us to discuss insert design- 215-235-1119. We can print up to full color inserts.

SKU: 014VK11PL