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Warehouse L Shaped Aisle Markers-#11 thru #20

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Molded-in flange allows the sign to be easily attached directly to the pallet rack upright with the supplied foam tape, screws or with nylon cable ties.

Warehouse Aisle Signs -Aisle Markers

Improve your warehouse productivity by adding almost unbreakable warehouse signs that will help your employees find locations and aisles quicker.

Help your forklift drivers find the right locations, pallet rack bay or aisle using these great permanent signs. .

Add heavy duty warehouse signs or pallet rack location signs to your warehouse and improve your order picking speed and accuracy. 

Aisle signs increase efficiency and by doing so they lower operational costs.

Constructed with virtually indestructible thick PVC for use in high traffic areas. Unaffected by humidity or weather coming through open doors. 

Easy to Read.

Large Sign numbers that are highly visible. 

Double sided.

The signs have a molded in-flange on one vertical edge for mounting direct to the pallet rack uprights. 

Sign includes industrial strength foam tape to adhere it to the upright.

The flange also has 2 holes. Holes are pre-drilled for optional screw or cable tie mount. 


The signs measure 12" x 12" and are 3/32" thick.

10 pieces

Numbered 11 thru 20