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Acrylic Display Risers with Sign/Label Holder for Wine & Spirits- 5 pieces

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Acrylic Display Risers are an attractive merchandising supply for retail stores.

Acrylic Display Risers with Sign/Label Holder for Wine & Spirits

The Acrylic Pedestal Display with built-in Sign/Label Holder are a versatile solution for elevating your product displays.

The front bend in the riser allows for a price tag or label to be inserted. Just slide the label into the side of the bend. This thoughtful addition allows for easy and organized labeling, making it an ideal choice for presenting products or artifacts that require clear identification or pricing.

Their attractive design makes them the perfect addition to any retail space, helping to draw customers in and increase sales.

Made from high-quality acrylic, they are durable and built to last. Plus, their clear design ensures that your products are the star of the show, grabbing the attention of potential customers and driving sales.

Don't settle for a boring display - elevate your products with Acrylic Display Risers.

The acrylic riser measurers 6" wide x 2" high x 7" deep, with a 6" by 6" display area.

5 pieces