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Rotisserie Elastic Food Ties

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Save time- Save Money -Easy to use Chicken-Tuckers are covered elastic trussing pre-tied at length.

Rotisserie Elastic Food Ties

Save time- Save Money -Easy to use

Rotisserie Chicken Tuckers- Chicken Leg Fasteners provide a simple method for holding the legs together in the optimum position to avoid burning and helps retain the juices during the cooking process.

Just slip on the Rotisserie Chicken Tuckers over the hocks and the bird is ready to roast or rotisserie.

Covered elastic trussing pre-tied at length.

Available in 4" or 7' Lengths.

Designed to make any trussing operation quick & easy.

Gently puts the chicken in a compact shape, holding wings against the body.

Eliminates need for sewing, skewering or wire-type trussing.

1000 per bag