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12 Months No Interest Standard Poster-Floor Stand Sales Event Signs-22 W x 28 H

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Use this text to share information about your product and policies with your customers.

Rely your message with this 12 Months No Interest poster. It can be used on windows, walls, hanging signs or fits into stanchion sign-floor stand sign holders.

12 Months No Interest Standard Poster Floor Stand Sign

Inform your customers in your furniture, appliance, mattress or other retail store by using these sale event posters.

Can be used on windows, walls, hanging signs & fits into any of our 22 x 28 stanchion sign floor stand sign holders.

Retail Sign Posters allow you to promote all of your sales and specials by grabbing the attention of potential customers! 

22" W x 28" H

1 sided

Heavy card stock

We can custom print posters for your needs. Just give us a call 215-235-1119

Floor stand sign holder sold separately. Use these retail signs with one of our many floor stand sign holders. SKU: 123, SKU: FSDR

SKU: 12NI22