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70% Off Price Floor Stand Stanchion Standard Poster - 22" X 28"

SKU 70R2228

This 70% off floor stand sign is a cost effective merchandising tool that help reduce inventory quickly.

70% Off Price Floor Stand Stanchion Poster 

This 70% off point of purchase retail sign helps to reduce your inventory fast.

Floor stand stanchion signs are an inexpensive way to put your message in front of your customers. Easy to use.

Create a high cash flow with this 70% off price poster-sign. It is a cost effective advertising tool that will give your business a boost.

Use other percentage off signs to post further reductions each week.

Great for store closings or inventory reduction. 

Retail Sale Sign Posters allow you to promote all of your sales and specials by grabbing the attention of potential customers! 

22" W x 28" H

Can be used on windows,walls, hanging signs & fits into any of our 22 x 28 stanchion sign- floor stand sign holders.

Easy to read.

1 side

Card stock.

SKU: 70R2228