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White X Long Tag for Edikio Flex Printer - Pack Of 500 - 1 97/100" X 5 9/10"

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Print your own Tags. 

Matte White Tags for Edikio Flex Printers

Substantial yet flexible, the matte white blank tags are the perfect canvas for unique price tags. 

Exclusive to the Edikio Flex Thermal Printer these long format white PVC cards are perfect for item information, preparation, recipes, and hints or tips.

Long cards offer an increased surface of writing to display even more details for your consumers. Flexible, they are easy to insert in shelf rails if needed.

Best of all you can manually flip these single-sided cards to print on the reverse side turning it double-sided in seconds.

These work with Edikio custom tag printer. SKU:  EDBPF

1 97/100" x 5 9/10"

500 pieces