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School Desk Shields for Schools & Educational Environments-25 pieces

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COVID-19 School 
Desk Shields for Schools  & Educational Environments

This desk top shield provides protection against sneezes, coughs and germs .

This desk top shield provides protection against sneezes, coughs and germs. Ideal for schools & universities for desktop use. Provides an excellent COVID-19 shield between pupils and instructors and also provides a protective and sanitary barrier between classmates.

Acting as a cough shield or sneeze guard, the barrier can greatly assist in the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 on college and school campuses; and is an excellent cost alternative to more expensive acrylic barrier solutions.

Add a level of protection without impeding communication with this portable sneeze guard safety shield


Each student can have their own shield & write their names on them. These portable shields transport at a moment's notice,  students can carry class to class.

Freestanding or can be attached to desk with adhesive based clips ( sold separately)

All plastic material -one piece construction.

Corrugated Plastic

Clear Film viewing area.

Made in USA. 

U shaped

Side Panels: 16"w x 24"h

Front Panel measures 23"w x 24"h

Clear Viewing area measures 19"w x 20"h

Completely sanitizable!

25 pieces

Not FDA approved

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For the safety of our customers and carriers, this product is non-returnable and non-refundable