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Social Distancing Countertop Shield Sneeze Guard with Stainless Steel Base

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COVID-19 Social Distancing Countertop Shield Sneeze Guard

Place on a countertop, effectively protecting employees and the customers they serve from airborne germs transmitted from sneezes, coughs and even just breathing.

This freestanding PPE barrier is made of ¼” thick acrylic and creates a physical separation between employees and customers as they approach a customer service desk or a cashier when completing their purchases.

As our communities and businesses reopen, these personal barriers are vital to use in restaurants, hair and nail salons, deli counters and more.

Made of the 3 pieces of strong acrylic that is easy to assemble and without tools. The side wings of the barrier use a U-channel and friction fit to attach to the main front section creating a strong, stable unit. The stainless steel base adds to a high-quality, attractive appearance wherever it is placed. 3M dual-lock Velcro is used on the base to securely fasten this screen to a desktop or counter. It can also be screwed into a countertop for a more long-lasting placement.

¼” thick acrylic

24”W x 36” H

Completely sanitizable!

Made in USA. 

Not FDA approved

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