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Checkout Counter Acrylic Protective Barrier Sneeze Guard Shields- 24”W x 36”H Freestanding

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Keep essential front-line workers safe with the use of this free-standing sneeze guard designed for use in supermarkets, pharmacies, c-stores and facilities. 

COVID-19 Checkout Counter Acrylic Protective Barrier Sneeze Guard Shields

This clear counter acrylic shield with rounded corners provides protection against sneezes, coughs and germs between employees and customers.

Ideal for supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, stores, banks, airports, and reception desks. Or use anywhere there is a need to limit contact with third parties.

24” W x 36”H (3/16”) portable sneeze guard safety shield with 12"W x 5"H window that sets up in seconds!

Insert the shield into the bases and you're done.

These portable shields transport at a moment's notice, too! Bonus: they're easy to clean. Just soap and water, then wipe down with a soft cloth

Made in USA. 

24”W x 36”H

1 Piece

1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic


Not FDA approved