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Black Vinyl Channel Tag Seafood Name Insert Set- 148 pieces

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This seafood product names set saves you time and money when merchandising your seafood department.

Black Vinyl Channel Tag Seafood Name Insert Set

Seafood item name inserts saves you time and money. 

148 item names per set

1.25" H x 3.5" W

These item name inserts for your seafood department work with both track signs with attachments and continuous runs of track outside the case.

Great for either service case or self-serve cases.

Seafood Names:

Albacore- Croaker- Ocean Perch -Smoked Carp -Anchovies- Cuttle Fish Ocean -Smelts- Smoked Chubs -Atlantic Salmon- Digby Herring- Octopus- Smoked Ciscoes -Baccala- Dog Fish- Orange Roughy -Smoked Cod- Barracuda- Dover Plake- Oysters- Smoked Eel -Bass- Dulse- Pacific Pink Salmon- Smoked Herring- Bay Scallops -Eel- Perch -Smoked Kippers- Black Fish- Fillet of Sole -Pickerel -Smoked Lox- Bloaters- Flounder -Pike- Smoked Salmon Chunks -Blowfish- Fluke- Pollock- Smoked Salmon Lox -Blue Runner -Frog Legs -Portuguese Sardines -Smoked Salmon Pieces- Bluefish -Garfish- Prawns -Smoked White Fish -Boneless Kippers- Goldeye Herring -Rainbow Trout -Smoked Whiting- Boneless Strip Cod- Grey Sole- Ralor Clams-Snails- Bonita Tuna -Grouper Fillets- Red Snapper -Snapper- Boston Blue Fillet- Groupers -Roe -Sockeye Salmon- Brook Trout- Haddock -Salmon- Squid- Butterfish- Haddock Fillets- Salmon Trout -Steamers -Carapus -Hake Fillets- Salt Herring -Striped Bass- Carp- Halibut- Sardines -Sturgeon- Catfish- Halibut Fillets- Sauger- Sword Fish Steak- Cherrystone Clams- Halibut Steaks -Scallops -Tilefish- Chicken Halibut -Herring- Schmaltz Herring- Tilefish Fillet -Chubs- Jumbo Cooked Shrimp -Sea Bass- Trout- Clams- King Crab- Sea Herring -Tuna- Cockles- King Crab Legs- Sea Scallops- Turbot Fillet -Cod King Fish Sea Trout Turtle Cod Fillet Lake Smelts -Shadfish -White Bass- Cod Steak -Ling Cod -Shark -White Snapper -Codfish -Littleneck Clams- Shrimp- Whitefish- Cohoe Salmon- Live Lobster Shrimp - Peeled Whitefish Fillet -Conger Eel -Lobster -Shrimp - Shell On -Whiting- Cooked Salad Shrimp -Lobster Tails -Shrimp Meat Whole Cod- Crab- Mackerel -Shucked Oysters -Whole Crab- Crab Leg Clusters- Mahi-Mahi -Sliced Salmon- Winkies- Crab Meat- Monkey Fish -Smelts- Yellow Perch -Crayfish- Mussels- Smoked Boston Bluefish -Yellowtail Snapper