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Big Checks for Breast Cancer Charity Donation-Custom Printed- 12"H x 24"W- 2 pieces

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Use this big check for Breast Cancer Charitable donations or contest winners. Printed with your amount, name and other information required.

Big Check for Breast Cancer Charity Donation-Custom Printed

Big checks that are used for breast cancer donations and charity events.

These big checks are an excellent way to show your appreciation to any charity, person or organization, prizes, gifts and donations. 

Big checks are always a hit at fundraisers, auctions, award ceremonies or contest winner presentations.

Presenting a novelty large check to donate money to a cause will always draw in a crowd. 

You can fax or email your design ideas and our graphic designer will take over from there!

Screen Gems Inc. will print your logo, your color, the amount and any other information you request.  Various fonts available. Call us with your information at 215-235-1119.

12" H x 24"W

2 pieces (same information)

Durable Plastic Material

SKU: 4224BC